(20) Holstein Open Heifers | Born 8-16 to 10-1-21, Est Avg Weight 350# | SELL BY THE POUND, WEIGHED…
Lot Number:3-1
Start Time:2/21/2022 11:00:00 PM
End Time:2/22/2022 12:13:34 AM
Bid Count:123
Winning Bidder:e****m
Starting Bid:$0.50
Bid Increment:$0.01
Current Bid:$1.74x 7000= $12,180.00
Bidding complete
Index BrthDate   Merit$ SireCode SireName MGSCode Dam d305me
2207 8/16/21   379 7HO15102 LUCCESE 507HO12344 1995 29167
2208 8/20/21   356 7HO12897 SAMURI 7HO12115 1977 25263
2209 9/1/21   465 7HO13334 PHANTOM 7HO12418 2066 24644
2210 9/2/21   433 7HO12897 SAMURI 7HO11752 1921 35873
2211 9/2/21   353 7HO13473 ASHTON 7HO8946 1407 35189
2212 9/6/21   465 7HO13334 PHANTOM 7HO12418 2072 20459
2213 9/6/21   446 7HO13334 PHANTOM 14HO7418 2058  
2214 9/7/21   498 7HO12897 SAMURI 7HO12165 1801 35003
2215 9/10/21   498 7HO13253 VERTEX 14HO7418 2055 30957
2216 9/11/21   377 7HO13473 ASHTON 7HO12115 1979 34498
2217 9/11/21   377 7HO13473 ASHTON 7HO12115 1979 34498
2218 9/12/21   370 7HO13253 VERTEX 7HO12115 2079 26830
2219 9/12/21   334 7HO13473 ASHTON 7HO12115 1978 25875
2220 9/13/21   482 7HO15102 LUCCESE 7HO12421 2067 21607
2222 9/22/21   448 7HO13334 PHANTOM 7HO12111 2078 27688
2223 9/23/21   406 7HO15102 LUCCESE 7HO12111 1967 28109
2224 9/26/21   538 7HO13253 VERTEX 7HO12111 2073 28825
2225 9/28/21   463 7HO13334 PHANTOM 14HO7418 2054 30200
2226 9/30/21   411 7HO13334 PHANTOM 14HO7418 2099 27997
2227 9/30/21   438 7HO13334 PHANTOM 7HO12344 2089 27948
2228 10/1/21   600 7HO15440 HANDY 7HO12344 2091 31290
      457         30627
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Payment Terms: All cattle must be paid for in full before they are shipped. Payment must be made in good check or wire transfer to Kreeger and Associates, LLC. The buyer will be invoiced for the full amount. Kreeger and Associates will hold the funds until the cattle are loaded. If any difference after loading the balance will be refunded or invoiced.  All bids are in US funds and per head.

Registration: All information provided by the bidder to Kreeger and Associates, LLC shall be current, complete, and accurate. Bidders must be 18 years of age or older

Bidding & Sale Process: The Sale will be conducted in an internet exchange format. You can bid online or any member of the sale team can bid for you or have you on the phone during the sale. The sale is using a staggered closing. The first lot will close at 1:OOPM and each minute following another lot will close in numerical order. The system does have a bid extension and each lot will close when one minute passes without any increased bids, at that time the high bid will be the buyer of that lot. You can enter your max bid if you chose and the system will bid for you only when someone enters a bid on that specific lot. All Lots sell with 100% Buyer satisfaction If the buyer does not like the cattle after viewing them prior to loading at the sellers farm, they do not have to take ownership of them, however once they are loaded and leave the sellers farm they are sold on an “As Is” basis with no warranty, expressed or implied and are the property of the buyer. The owners reserve the right to enter a reserve bid. 

Trucking Details:  Kreeger and Associates, LLC  will assist with load outs and handle arrangements, but the buyer is responsible for the transportation cost.      

Bids: The highest bidder will be the buyer.     

International Trade Loads:  All payment and loading arraignments will be made between the buyer and the exporter. Payment will be made direct to the exporter. Purchase price does include all testing & export fees. 

Health Warranty:  For animals that travel outside of the state of origin the buyer will be responsible for the legal importation of cattle into that state, please check prior to the sale. The results of any future health test is not guaranteed. No is warranted to be free of Johnes or any other infectious disease.                                                                     

Errors:  The material printed in this catalog has been carefully edited. If any errors or omissions are discovered, they will be announced. Such announcements take precedence over printed material. This information is provided by the owners and DHIA Records and is believed to be correct, however, it is not guaranteed.  This sale will be controlled by an auction  program.  Kreeger and Associates, LLC is not responsible for malfunction or system errors which cause a bid or bidder to fail to be recognized or registered.       

General:  It is the intention of the owners and the sale management to represent and present these animals in their present condition, however No adjustments will be made after the animal's) leave the sellers farm. Females announced as pregnant were found to be pregnant by a licensed  veterinarian. No guarantee is made or implied that the pregnancy will go full term. Cattle that are sold with a natural service date are as accurate as possible, although they are not guaranteed 

Disclaimer:  Any person bidding on items in the auction agrees to these terms and conditions and understands that, by bidding, they are entering into a legal binding contract between themselves and the seller(s) and that they will be held financially responsible for their actions. This includes those people representing parties not present at the sale.  Neither the owners, Kreeger and Associates, LLC nor other affiliated personnel may be held responsible for any accidents that may occur. Kreeger and Associates, LLC acts only as an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock or merchandise. It is to be clearly understood that Kreeger and Associates, LLC  and its representatives act only as a medium between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure in any obligations set forth in this sale.

Various, Michigan
United States

To view any of the cattle prior to the sale or with any questions, please give any member of the team or the owners a call

Bidding does not open until 6 PM ET on February 14, 2022 and will begin Closing at 7:00 PM ET. However you can browse the lots at any time or use the pre-bidding option.

PRE-Bidding Option-You can place bids on any lot before the auction starts. Bids place are not displayed on the auction site until the auction opens. Although there may actually be bids placed on a lot, the lot status will show the # of bids placed as 0 and the current bid (Required Bid) will show as the opening bid. You place a pre-bid through the same process as normal bidding. You can view your bidding activity on lots in pre-bidding from your watch list. When you place a pre-bid, if you are notified that your bid is not higher than another user's pre-bid-this means that another bidder(s) has already placed a bid equal to or higher than the amount you are atempting to place. You will need to raise your pre-bid if you want to be the current winning bidder. The highest pre-bids will be shown when the auction opens for bidding and normal bids can be placed. 

The sale is using a staggered closing. The first lot closes at 1:00 and one lot closes every minute in lot order. The system does have a bid extension and a lot will only close when one minute passes without any increased bids on that lot. Other lots will continue to close on schedule even if bidding remains on one prior to it. The System also has a proxy bidding (max bid), where you can place your highest bid and the computer will bid for you as other bids are placed on that lot.     

If there is an update sheet posted on www.kreegerdairy.com auction page prior to the sale. Any updates on that will take precedence over other information listed in the sale catalog and on the auction site, However the updates will be added to the auction site.

Load out dates are listed on each specific lot 

All lots sell by the head, If a group lot the total price will be Bid price per Head x The number in the group 

Each individual and group lot will be sorted at loading and if there is a heifer or cow that needs to be taken out we will sort her off or the buyer can come sort at loading if they want to sort there own cattle. Therefore the number in a lot or purchased may vary from the lot listed on this sale. 

Payment is due before the cattle are loaded or at loading

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Thank You For Your Interest In This Sale.

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