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Semi Load of Procross Bred Heifers-Due December 2020 to INFOCUS Beef Bulls, AI Sired, Freestall & Headlocks, Lots of production, (Asking price is per head x 38, Smaller groups can be available please call for details)
Lot Number:3-2
Buy Now:$1,550.00
This lot is not currently available to buy

38 Procross Bred Heifers-Due In December 2020 

(Lot offered is a Semi Load of 38 Head, Smaller Groups can be available please give us a call) 

Representative-Chad Kreeger 517-294-3484

Loacted-Freemont, MI

Complete Vaccintions & Herd Health

Freestall & Headlock Trained

AI Sired & AI Bred to INFOCUS Beef Bulls

Well Grown heifers from high production dams with over 10 years of Procross Genetics